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Drake Elite Firebird hibrid vadász reflexíj - 60

79.401 Ft (62.520 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: DRK-E-FRBRD
Elérhetőség: egyedi rendelésre
Gyártó: Drake Archery
Kapható választék:
Húzóerő (font):

Leírás és Paraméterek

DRAKE ARCHERY ELITE Firebird - 60 inch - 20-45 lbs - Hybrid Bow

DRAKE's Firebird is a successful combination of the ultra-modern material Dymondwood and natural bamboo wood, enhanced by black fiberglass laminates.
Dymondwood is an innovative material, consisting of several layers of wood, which are connected with epoxy resin to form a highly stable material. This combination allows a completely new design of the riser and creates an absolutely unique look with slim, almost filigree forms. The grip area is particularly ergonomically shaped and allows the bow to fit comfortably in the hand. Technically speaking, however, this material also offers a number of advantages: It absorbs vibrations and allows faster and more even shooting. The limbs are a multi-layer construction made of a core of bamboo wood and reinforcing fiberglass layers.

Firebird - The perfect companion at the parcours

The firebird, a mythical creature, which is not unlike the phoenix, was the model for the DRAKE ARCHERY ELITE Firebird. In mythology, the firebird is often the object of desire, as numerous miracles are attributed to him, from incredible healing powers to enormous strength. Its feathers are capable of illuminating the most profound darkness. So, who would you rather have with you when you are far in the forest on a challenging course than the Firebird? It is ultra-compact and extremely agile, but at the same time the bow has nothing to fear in terms of arrow speed. And visually it is in no way inferior to its namesake either: the rich feathers in vibrant orange and red tones have been accurately incorporated into the handle.

ELITE - The best ones from DRAKE Archery

Good things can be done even better! - DRAKE Archery is pursuing this ambition and with the ELITE series releases bows, limbs and risers onto the market that are unparalleled in their price segment. High quality workmanship as well as modern materials and an appealing design come together to create recurve- and hybrid bows with a high quality standard without losing track of the price-performance ratio.

As an expression of confidence in its own quality, DRAKE Archery offers a 10-year warranty* on all its registered bows from the ELITE series. What are you waiting for? Convince yourself of DRAKE Archery.

Available as right- or left-handed model.


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